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All There is to Know about the Prevalent Lehenga-Choli Perfect Wedding Wear for Indian Brides

All There is to Know about the Prevalent Lehenga-Choli Perfect Wedding Wear for Indian Brides

The Popularity of Wedding Wear Lehenga-Choli

While the saree is a very popular garment for Indian brides the lehenga is also equally beloved amongst Indian brides. The bridal lehenga-Choli is extremely popular in most of India and World. The lehenga and choli is the preferred bridal garment for young brides. This demand for bridal lehenga choli inspires Indian designers to constantly thrive to create high fashion bridal lehenga choli ensembles. This is surely indicative of the importance and cultural significance of bridal Lehengas.

Lehenga-Choli for Festivals and Social Programs

Apart from weddings, Lehengas are also worn by girls and women during festivals and social programs. The lehenga is also being proactively popularized by the Bollywood film industry and hence it is widely being accepted and favored in places where the saree used to be the favored choice for festive wear. The popularity of the lehenga as festive wear is now widespread and is not limited to India.

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Style with this Amazing Aishwarya Design Studio Designer Kurtis

Style with this Amazing Aishwarya Design Studio Designer Kurtis

fashion kurtis

The modern day clothing for girls is an influential transformation in Indian traditional clothes, and the major credit goes to ever-stylish ethnic wear for women – Designer Kurtis.

These days, there are wonderful varieties available in Designer Kurtis for women. Bright and beautiful coloured Designer Kurtis in various patterns and prints can make any woman look stylish and fashionable. Designer Short kurti or the western tunics for women can make a fashion forwarded girl look. . If it is the very girly skirt times, waist length short kurti always remains the fashionable choice. If you wish for complete traditional Indian look with salwars, then the hip length Designer kurti suits best. With slight variation of mix and match of your choice of any styled kurti, you are making your unique style statement.

On the other hand, if it is time of special celebration and you want to look very special and beautiful, then the Designer anarkali Kurtis are always there for you. These give you that classic look with the touch of latest style. It is the time to dazzle the world with your designer Kurtis.

Fashion Kurtis

Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees

Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees Indian Designer Sarees


The Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees is a traditional garment worn by most Indian women. Although at present there is a lot of western influence in the way people dress. Today, Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees have a wide range of variety in India and world. The Indian woman of every age prefers to wear sarees in the auspicious occasion of her life. There is something about the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees that makes a woman look dignified, delightful, trendy and every bit stylish. Over the years, the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees has evolved into a fashion statement, Aishwarya Design Studio designers glorify the look and feel of this traditional garment.

The field of a saree is also embellished according to regional rules. In many parts of India the field of a saree are decorated with woven designs, embroidery or printing for the purpose of wedding ceremony. Though many Indian people, both those living in India and those who live in other countries, have adopted Indian dress and suits, it is very common for Indian women to wear the Traditional Indian Sarees - Indian Designer Sarees for important ceremonies, such as weddings.

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Aishwarya Design Studio Designer Kurtis Glamour Combined with Stylishness

Aishwarya Design Studio Designer Kurtis Glamour Combined with Stylishness

Designer Kurtis

Fashion is the word that is closely associated with women. There are variety of designer women wears available in the market but none can match the stylishness and flexibility provided by designer kurtis. Apart from giving an graceful, beautiful look to the women, designer kurtis also increase their feminine glamour. In fact there are many things that make kurtis the best choice for women such as Comfort, Suitable for Every Event…

The Kurtis are the tailored version of the traditional ladies Kameez. The designers have developed these in accord with the western tops in order to make these extra fashionable. These are absolutely the most attractive combination of the Indo-Western fashion. The main cause behind their high popularity is that these are well thought-out as most comfortable outfits. An additional reason for their vast demands in the market is that these can perfectly be decaying with jeans, trousers, Chudidar, patilayas and leggings. This helps women in getting most interesting appearance.

For women Kurtis online shopping, contact aishwaryadesignstudio.com Online. A famous women's ethnic wear store offers exclusive collection of Kurtis, Salwar suits, Lehenga-choli, Bridal gowns, Sarees etc.

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Women Designer Kurtis - Mixture of Fashion & Culture

Women Designer Kurtis - Mixture of Fashion & Culture

Long Kurtis

Among a wide selection of latest and trendy women apparel available these days, Women Designer Kurtis is one such desirable attire that can never go wrong in any event. Available in varied designs, colours and sizes, Women Designer Kurtis demand has risen beyond expectations in the gone few years and is still popping up in the market.

Women Designer Kurtis not only praises and grooms one's personality but also provides comfort to an utmost extent. Women Designer Kurtis nicely fits into anyone's body without causing any discomfort. Being one of the most common and easy available attire, Women Designer Kurtis is preferred by numerous buyers to be worn on several events or auspicious moments of life.

One such innovation amongst others is Ladies Kurtis which is demanded by almost every women in the market. From short kurtis to long kurtis, cotton kurtis, printed kurtis to Georgette kurtis and part wear kurtis, these are available in varied designs, colours and patterns to be carried well in all kinds of events as well as weather.

Keeping up with the fast changing pace and remain in line with fashion in vogue, Aishwarya Design Studio designers and fashion house are coming up with a spectrum of designer Kurtis, Salwar Kameez, Anarkalis wear available online.

long kurtis

Anarkali Suit Dresses for Women according to your personality

Anarkali Suit Dresses for Women according to your personality

Anarkali Suit Dresses for Women There are various types of Anarkali Suit therefore women should choose Anarkali Suit which will suit their body type. At Aishwarya Design Studio you can find Anarkali Suit options for every body type.

Anarkali Suit is the evergreen piece of clothing which can be found in every Indian woman's wardrobe globally. There are various types of Anarkali salwar kameez therefore; women must choose Anarkali Suit according to their body type. The idea is to balance the overall look. Therefore picked Anarkali Suit which will enhance your best body feature.

The foremost reason for Anarkali salwar suits being so favored and popular these days is that it renders a beautiful feminine appearance to the women wearing Anarkali Suit.

The finesse at the bottom of the Anarkali Suit dress makes you look stylish and stunning. Moreover, Anarkali Suit is an ideal suit for women of all age groups. The ethnicity of this suit gives an imperial sense to the one who wears Anarkali Suit regardless of the age, height and stature of a woman. The touch of up-to-the-minute designs with stylish cuts and shapes has made Anarkali Suit outfit every woman’s favourite.

As these beautiful Anarkali Suit dresses bestow a magnificent and vibrant appeal, Anarkali Suit is one of the most favored choices as party wear, especially when it comes to grand occasions such as a marriage party or any festival party. Anarkali Suit dresses certainly make beautiful and elegant Indian wedding Anarkali Suit dresses.

Most of the Indian wedding dresses and bridal suits come in Anarkalis patterns for a regal look. Aishwarya Design Studio Sparkling and elegantly designed Anarkali suits in bright hues can be effortlessly spotted in any party or occasion.

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Graceful Anarkali Salwar Suit Latest Fashion

Graceful Anarkali Salwar Suit Latest Fashion

Anarkali Salwar Suit

Anarkali Salwar Suit are very popular among all age women now a days. These Anarkali Salwar Suit are very frequently used by teenagers on several occasions in India and worldwide. So try Anarkali Salwar Suit and anarkali salwar kameez once to feel anarkali dress charm.

Anarkali Salwar suits and anarkali salwar kameez are being worn on all events like for a marriage or daily casual wear.
Of course, it depends on the material and the design of the Anarkali Salwar suit. The daily wear ones are generally made of cotton for comfort. The ones that are made of other materials, mainly synthetic ones, look more glamorous and are worn on more special events. Aishwarya Design Studio Anarkali Salwar suits and anarkali salwar kameez online are available in a hoard of colors and designs. The Anarkali Salwar suits that have a cinched waist look great when worn by pear shaped women. The lengths of the Anarkali Salwar suits also vary depending on the height of the individuals purchasing the Anarkali Salwar suits. The Anarkali suits are flowing and give a very feminine look to the wearer.

Designer Anarkali Salwar suits are available that can be custom made by Aishwarya Design Studio. These designer Anarkali Salwar suits are one of a kind and involve extraordinary craftsmanship at times. The Anarkali Salwar suits also offer a good fit as they made after taking the wearer's measurements. The colors and their combinations that are used are also a bit different than the ones available in markets.

Have an Anarkali Salwar suits in your wardrobe to flaunt your feminine side and look ravishing easily.
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Ethnic Designer Bridal Sarees to Make Your Wedding Special

Ethnic Designer Bridal Sarees to Make Your Wedding Special

Bridal Sarees

Wedding is a fascinating day for every Indian woman. This is the day in which every girl wants to look gorgeous. It makes all the girls the most beautiful. Naturally, bridal sarees must be very special for all.

Instead of the traditional apparel, young woman of the new generation are looking for the designer one for the special day. And it really looks very nice when a bride comes wearing a bridal saree with a touch of contemporary design.

Wedding Sarees or Bridal Saris are perhaps the most beautiful costumes for Indian women. They are traditional Indian garments worn by most of women in India. Women in India wear Wedding sarees in different ways and styles. With the time change the wearing styles of Bridal sarees also have been changed. Traditional Bridal saris have been replaced with designer wedding sarees. Women of younger generation love to wear stylish bridal sarees and designer wedding sarees. Demand of designer wedding sarees have been increased in the market today.

The demand for designer wedding sarees is reaching new heights, thanks to our designers, who have come up with exceptional designs in the wedding range. A new era in the fashion can be seen with the introduction of enhanced designs of wedding sarees into the main stream fashion by Aishwarya Design Studio.

We offer huge collections of Indian Wedding Sarees, bridal sarees. Visit to shop for online designer sarees at http://www.aishwaryadesignstudio.com/

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Latest Indian Traditional Bridal Sarees for the Bride

Latest Indian Traditional Bridal Sarees for the Bride

Bridal Sarees

Indian weddings involve a host of functions and are treated more like an extravaganza than just traditional rituals.

Consisting of functions like engagement ceremony, reception and wedding ceremonies there are various functions to celebrate for the Indian Wedding Occasion.

Brides never miss a chance to look unique during their wedding days. And, this latest trend in the sarees is just perfect for a bride to look different, especially winter brides! Bridal sarees with good design are a huge hit nowadays. We totally love this new trend and think it is absolutely gorgeous. After all, extra layers to show off the embroidery work on Bridal Sarees and grandeur of Indian embellishments are always welcome!

Before few years, women wore traditional sarees with full sleeve blouse with no designs at all. But today women love to wear sleeveless blouse with stylish and designer wedding sarees. For wedding occasions, designer wedding sarees also have been come into the market. Aishwarya Design Studio designers are working hard to bring range of Indian wedding & bridal sarees in Indian market.

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The Ultimate Wedding Dress : Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli for This Wedding Season.

The Ultimate Wedding Dress : Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli for This Wedding Season.


Lehenga choli and Ghagra Choli

Indian Designer Lehenga choli and Ghagra Choli  are ankle length long pleated skirts seized near the waist. The skirt is graceful, elegant and flares around the wearer. Traditionally, all Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli were skirt type umbrella shaped. Nowadays, in the fashion market, however, there are diverse shapes of the Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli giving a new look to the ethnic dress.

The various styles of lehengas are Straight cut lehenga choli, Fish cut lehenga choli, Mermaid lehenga Choli, A-line lehenga choli, Lehengas with full flair and so on.

Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli are generally made of fabrics like silk, crepe, georgette, satin and all types of handloom fabrics which are available in bright range of colours, designs, thickness and styles.

Indian Designer Lehenga-choli & Ghagra-Choli  are available in plethora of colors. Some of the popular color patterns which are a big hit.

Indian Designer Lehenga-choli