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The Chaniya Choli or gypsy skirt is the most popular choice in India for a woman’s wedding apparel. The most traditional colour for a wedding lehenga is red, but you will find an array of vividly coloured Lehenga Sarees Online. While women from Gujarat and Rajasthan region of India usually represent wearing this traditional outfit, the lehenga is also native to other parts of India. Based on which part of India one is referring to, the lehenga is worn in different styles, made of different fabrics and includes unique patterns. Our Lehengas are known for its bandhni work which is a technique in tie-dye mastered done by our talented designers. Some women prefer wearing the lehenga skirt not in a voluminous style and are worn without a chunni or chunri but with a kurti that covers the midriff, whereas some women prefer wearing a voluminous type of lehenga with a kurti or choli that covers the midriff with a long chunni. A lehenga has an “A” shaped cut with a narrow cut around the waist area to highlight the feminine elegance and profile of the woman. The circumference of the skirt increases down the length to a full flare at the bottom to give a level of richness and fullness to the skirt.

You can wear it with a slit on the side or you can jazz with beads, buttons and embroidery. And so, the Indo-western look was born. These days, many Indian women wear lehenga sarees or kurtis to office as it is convenient and traditional. It is the perfect combination of style, fashion, and comfort.

Our Lehenga Sarees Online are available in various beautiful patterns and designs. They are embellished with immensely attractive thread, stone work, and lace borders to suit your taste and liking. Get ready to be showered with compliments with our stunning designs.

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Wedding wear lehenga choli

R 33000.00 (INR)
Beige color lehenga choli with stones embellishment

R 24500.00 (INR)
Flary lehenga choli in pink & green color

R 16200.00 (INR)
Dark blue color bridal wear lehenga choli

R 36500.00 (INR)
Flamboyant wedding wear blue lehenga choli

R 71500.00 (INR)
Blue & pink color jacket style lehenga choli

R 17700.00 (INR)
Flamboyant purple & peach lehenga choli

R 92000.00 (INR)
Orange & green color lehenga choli

R 35000.00 (INR)
Pink color cotton silk fabric A line lehenga choli

R 18700.00 (INR)
Lacha style lehenga choli in magenta & gold

R 21300.00 (INR)
Exquisite multicolor designer lehenga choli

R 9200.00 (INR)
Adorable orangish peach color lehenga choli in net

R 42500.00 (INR)
Peach & green color designer lehenga choli

R 8000.00 (INR)
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