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The Charm of Indian Wedding Sarees as a perfect dress for an Indian Bride

The Charm of Indian Wedding Sarees as a perfect dress for an Indian Bride

Wedding is a very important occasion in anyone’s life. On the auspicious occasion a person wants to look nice. For this special occasion, the outfit should be also very attractive. In India, the most loved and demanded outfit for this occasion is a saree. A saree, Indian Wedding Sarees is an outfit that is specially designed in dark colors to give a woman a very sensual look. This outfit can be found in trendy colors. The most preferred color for this special occasion is red. They are heavily embroidered and made with fine fabrics to match and enhance the personality of a woman.

Think of any traditional Indian wedding and the first thing that comes to your mind is a pretty bride, all adorned in Bridal outfit complete with make-up and jewellery, walking hand in hand with her groom. No traditional Indian Wedding is complete without the Indian Wedding Sarees. The traditional colours used for the Saree has always been red, but with more and more designers coming up and presenting their collections of Bridal Wear, there is a variety of Designer Sarees and Designer Salwar Suits to choose from.

The latest trend is the fusion of the western trends with the Indian Culture to present the most exquisite range of Bridal Wear. Indian Wedding Sarees are delicate and intrinsic pieces of work; complete with complex patterns that woven in the dress using threads of various colours, including gold and silver to give the perfect princess look to the bride on her very special day.

You need to just consult the best Indian Bridal Wear Aishwarya Design Studio stores for the ones that you need to make your wedding a perfect dream come true!


The Classiness of Designer Anarkali Salwar Suits

The Classiness of Designer Anarkali Salwar Suits

Nowadays Anarkali Salwar Kameez have become very popular all over India and other parts of the world.

Fashion trends have given a special place for traditional apparels donned by women. Revisiting the golden era with the traditional Salwar Suit fashion brings out the stylishness and appeal.

It is a well-known fact that the best Salwar Suits collections express grace and elegance that were quite prevalent during the Mughal era. Undoubtedly, within last couple of years, the fashionable new outfits have become a fashion trend for women and teenage girls. The stylish Anarkali salwar suit is also referred to as the "empire waist" due to its appearance.

The Anarkali suit is designed with a long length, frock-style top and features a stylish slim fitted bottom, which has recently made its way back to the Indian fashion scene for women. These designer outfits are an extraordinarily desirable style that is being adorned by women located in all corners of India. This type of dress varies in its length and embroidery work including floor length Anarkali suits dresses. Most of the women are fascinated with the heavily embroidered Salwar Kameez suits and like to adorn them on various occasions or events like wedding functions.

Indian women prefer these new outfit designs as traditional makeover to showcase their style and fashion on various festive occasions, anniversary celebrations, and casual lunch parties. Salwar suits can also be donned as party wear even in dance events.

The colors of this traditional attire play an important role in representing its popularity on various occasional trends. The expert designers utilize varied, multiple conventional color hues such as red, green, yellow, orange, etc., to design impressive motifs and create an enormous range of designer salwar suit collections. Today, modern women are enthusiastic to wear unconventional colors like beige, blue, coffee and white. So, the designers are offering fabulous designer Anarkali suits.

Apart from the color blends, the designers are also using innovative cut designs along the neckline to create perfect Salwar Kameez suit collections with styles, designs and motifs that are worn by popular film actresses both on screen and off screen.

The latest Indian dress designs in full sleeve with chic women suit style neck pattern are designed beautifully with resham patch, thread and exclusive designer patterned embroidery works to make them look elegant and gorgeous. Moreover, this style of dress looks incomplete without the stylish Churidar suits pajama, which is available in matching or contrast cool colors. Anarkali suits with long sleeves and beautiful tareez style neck design make your looks really eye-catching and attractive.

A few designer anarkali suit have a beautiful design of lace and gotta patterns on its waist belt, neck and even on the attire's border.


Indian Fashion - Designer Salwar Kameez Suits

Indian Fashion - Designer Salwar Kameez Suits

The salwar kameez, popularly known as the Punjabi suit, is the traditional dress of women in the India.

The Salwar Suit outfit comprises a pair of salwar and a tunic (kameez) that is usually paired with a dupatta. In recent years, the salwar kameez has become a popular form of attire among Indian women throughout India as well as in World.

The traditional kameez top is a loose-fitting, knee-length tunic with long sleeves. The tunic is worn by pulling it over the head through a round neckline that has a front slit.

The salwar kameez is usually paired with a long, sheer fabric scarf or shawl known as a dupatta, which is either draped across the neck or over the head. Decorative patterns may also be embroidered around the neckline, sleeves, hems and side slits of the outfit.

For many Indian women today, the salwar kameez is regarded as a functional outfit that suits their modern lifestyle needs better than the traditional sari. Unlike the sari, the salwar kameez does not have strong associations with tradition nor does it evoke anxieties of learning how to properly wrap and drape the outfit. In addition, its ease of wear allows women to move about more freely at the workplace


Designer Salwar kameez Suits

Designer Salwar kameez Suits

Indian Designer salwar kameez suits have largely undergone the transformations over the years to emerge as a true salwar suit style statement of Indian women.

Every year, our designers showcase their latest collections of salwar Kameez suits patterns and designs to woo the fashion. With the beginning of 2017, the latest designs of Indian salwar Kameez suits are ready at our online website and our stores.

These styles will rule the fashion charts for throughout this year. So, you must stock them up in your wardrobe now.

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