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Fish cut Lehenga Choli India - Mermaid Cut Lehenga Choli India - Indian Designer Fish Cut Lehenga Choli Online Shopping USA, UK, Australia and Canada


Buy Fish Cut Lehenga / Wedding Wear Fish Cut Lehenga Choli / Mermaid cut lehenga / Bridal Fish cut lehenga


Fishy Tales! Fish cut Lehenga-Choli or Mermaid Cut Lehenga Choli is all-time favorite dress for Indian women. The origin of Lehenga has its glorious root in ancient Mughal period which has extended up to today's splashy ramps, from designers item to bridal attire, and from a rural female traditional dress to gorgeous party attires. One of the most popular styles in this section is the fish cut or the fish tail lengha. As the name suggests, Fish cut Lehenga is cut and tailored in such a way that it resembles the fish tail. This is the reason this type of attire is also known as mermaid Lehenga.


Fish cut Lehenga choli India or Mermaid Cut Lehenga Choli is tight fitted up to the hip and flairs down at the ankle. Fist cut Lehenga choli or more popularly known in the West as mermaid cut is a skirt that hugs the body on hips and then again flairs down on the ankles. When you wear a fish cut lehenga choli, fish cut lehenga choli gives you a beautiful shape, almost mermaid-like in shape. fish cut lehenga choli highlights the curves of your hips, makes your legs look long and flares out at the end to create a visual treat of the perfect feminine posture. It is no wonder then that fish cut lehengas are quite popular amongst young girls and women alike.


Indian Lehenga Choli especially Fish-cut lehanga or Mermaid Cut Lehenga Choli is most famous due to its stylish cut style this lehenga is also called Jalpari lehenga. The lehenga is decorated with costly embroidery, Choli and Dupatta are also as well.