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The Increasing Trend of Salwar Kameez Suits

The Increasing Trend of Salwar Kameez Suits

While the fashion industries in most countries are mostly reproducing the fashion, we cannot deny the fact that traditional Salwar Kameez Suits dresses of the Asia are quite popular in the other countries too. In the past few years, traditional dresses have gained a huge popularity and today, many Indian like to wear outfits inspired from Indian styles and designs.

To cater these demands, designers keep introducing clothes which are a combination of different ethnic designs. One such popular dress which has undergone major transformations and fusions in recent years is the salwar kameez suit.

Salwar Kameez Suits: Different Styles and Designs

Salwar kameez is one of the most commonly found dresses, which is an all-time trendy and fashionable outfit, just perfect for all places and occasions. There are a plethora of designs in today’s time as most women prefer it for casual occasions, for parties, marriages and even for offices. The best fact is that nowadays you can buy salwar kameez online and there are many styles to choose from. There are many style options to experiment with too. You can opt for complete salwar kameez set with dupatta. The salwars or the lowers are also available in various patterns. The unstitched salwar kameez set can be customized as per your requirement.

Shop for Salwar Kameez Online

Shopping for salwar kameez has never been so easy With Aishwarya Design Studio online shopping sites.

The designer salwar kameez shops online, provide the best samples of fusion of different designs. Salwar kameezs have their own exclusiveness and it is entirely up to you on how to make the choice. That is why online shopping becomes very helpful. You can choose various designs and then make a final decision.

Dress up with Patiala Salwar Suits

Dress up with Patiala Salwar Suits

Patiala salwar suit is a very much in fashion these days and there is no reason why Patiala salwar suits shouldn’t be.

Patiala salwar kameez are fashionably correct and also comfortable. Patiala salwar suits are mostly woven out of soft materials which are breathable and make you feel light and relaxed all day long. You can also have Patiala salwar suits in richer fabrics like brocade or satin for special occasions. Patiala Salwar Suits you can dress up on any occasion with Patiala salwar.

Patiala salwar suit Create a perfect office look with the beauty of Indian traditional dress.

Team up dark shaded Patiala salwars and dupattas with light shaded kurtas for a smart and comfortable appearance. On the other hand, if you work in a creative environment, team up your monochrome patialas with sleeveless short kurtis in a variety of vibrant designs. You can even skip the dupatta for a cool and comfy ethnic look and for casual outings on days when you just wish to have fun or roam about, Patiala Salwar kameez is the best option as it can make you feel comfortable all day long and for occasions like weddings and festivals your Patiala salwar suits should be of a richer fabric. You can easily get designer Patiala salwar suits from Aishwarya Design Studio according to the latest trend and fashion.

Long Anarkali Suits not only gives a stunning but also a traditional look

Long Anarkali Suits not only gives a stunning but also a traditional look.

Long Anarkali Suits can be considered as perfect choice for wedding reception. Long Anarkali Suits also a perfect attire if you are a wedding guest.

Long Anarkalis have been around for many years and never really went out of fashion. Women used to wear Long Anarkalis Salwar dress during Special Occasion.The Long Anarkali Salwar Suits along with a churidar not only gives a stunning but also a traditional look.

Long Anarkali Suit style has became quite popular these days and Long Anarkali Suit being spotted at Indian weddings, parties and festivals. It has become a fashion favourite and it can make you look unbelievably stunning. The Long Anarkali Salwar Suit are made from soft and silky fabrics like chiffon, net, silk….

Long Anarkali style looks elegant and suits every woman.

The yoke is embellished with heavy embroidery making use of zari, zardozi, motifs, stones, sequins, beads and mirrors. The sleeves may be long or short and the long sleeves are generally tight. The long Anarkali Suit has a typical shape. The choice depends on your taste. If you are tall and slim, the extra flares will make your dress more flowing and also help in adding volume to long Anarkali Suit.


Designs in Indian Sarees have a wide variation ranging from traditional to modern patterns.

Designs in Indian Sarees have a wide variation ranging from traditional to modern patterns.

One thing that is a must-have in every Indian woman’s closet is the Indian saree. Different states and regions in India have different styles of Indian traditional sarees. Designs in Indian Sarees have a wide variation ranging from traditional to modern patterns.

Designs in Indian Sarees Designs of Indian Sarees have a wide range of variety as different state has their own style and cultural background. Sarees play a pivotal role in promoting Indian ethnic culture and Indian women in sarees are considered as the most beautiful in the world. Depending on these, the fabric of sarees is highly structured and their design vocabularies are constructed in a very sophisticated way.

The sarees are created keeping in mind the draping styles and the occasional usage. The Indian woman of every age prefers to wear sarees in the auspicious occasion of her life.

Sarees size and elaboration are the indication of a family’s wealth because added ornamentation takes more weaving time, and so adds to the cost of the saree. Motifs in Indian sarees have often been derived from temple architectures, sculpture, painting and literature.

Borders usually extend the full length of the saree either as a woven design created by contrasting supplementary-warp or weft-weaving through the warp threads being a different colour to the warps making the field or by printing or embroidery.

The designs of Indian sarees have now taken a new form as the artisans create a fusion of tradition and modern trend. This amalgamation has made the sarees achieve a height of appreciation in the modern Sarees Trend.

The Indian Designer Sarees

The Indian Designer Sarees

The Indian Designer Sarees is a traditional attire worn by most Indian women. Designer Sarees - essential part of women's wardrobe 

When asked for the type of Indian Designer Sarees to wear during any function, a lot of recommendations are being given by some or the other person thereby making it a tough choice to pick the one of the so many available choices.

The best part of the Indian Designer Sarees is that it is available in all the different patterns and styles suiting women of all ages. The prominence of Indian Designer Sarees is increasing day by day due to its global popularity. Indian women are specially found wearing Indian Designer Sarees in the functions like social gathering, engagement, wedding and festivals.

It is commonly believed in India that petticoat or Ghagra and the blouse or Choli which are worn under the saree are later additions which started with the coming of British in India. Increasing number of upper class women in the early 20th century did adopt items of European style clothing as the fitted blouse and slim petticoat. This was also adopted due to the fashion of transparent chiffon Sarees during that particular period. Some of the wives of Indian Kings draped themselves in Sarees that were made by designers.

Womens love for Indian Designer Sarees

Womens love for Indian Designer Sarees is evident from the fact that they live draping it in each special occasion. They love sarees above all outfits. If one desires to be dressed in the designer outfit, go for the designer sarees that are worked upon very well by the Aishwarya Design Studio  designers.


Lehenga-Choli as a Bridal Attire

Lehenga-Choli as a Bridal Attire

A girl wants to look beautiful all the time, but her wedding is the day when she wants to look extra gorgeous and pretty. The wish to look phenomenal on the wedding day is quite reasonable, as marriage is a life-changing event in a girl’s life and she needs to look her best on this day.

On the day of the wedding, the bride can look royal by selecting the perfect suit as well as the look that best suit her personality. Despite many options available in the market, Lehenga Choli has become one of the most favoured choices of the girls who will soon become brides. A fancy Lehenga-Choli gives a charming look to the bride as well as represents the Indian dressing aura.

Select the best Lehenga Choli

It is very important to select the wedding attire that can complement the overall personality of the bride. Lehenga Choli can be selected by considering the body structure, complexion, fashion trends and the climate. These Lehenga Choli dresses are available in a number of embroidery works and designs, ranging from simple to highly fashionable ones. Trends in Lahenga-choli are influenced by Indian movies and fashion shows specifically.

There are various options of Lehanga-choli available with Aishwarya Design Studio waiting to give that charismatic look to the bride.

The bride can choose from a variety of Bridal Lehanga Choli designed from the finest form of silk Lehanga Choli, georgette Lehanga Choli, crepe Lehanga Choli, net Lehanga Choli, satin, chiffon Lehanga Choli. Moreover, these are available in different shapes and styles such as straight cut Lehanga Choli, fish cut Lehanga Choli, mermaid Lehanga Choli, A-line or full flair Lehanga Choli. The beauty of Lehanga Choli depends upon the different types of intricate embroidery work done on choli, dupatta or lehanga.