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Bridal Lehenga Choli

Bridal Lehenga Choli

The search for comfortable and contemporary looking lehenga-choli for bride have put Indian fashion designers to work.

It has left these fashion experts thinking on the shortage of relaxing festive outfits, especially for the brides to be.

They created out of the box pieces of clothing art that helps brides to move freely in their bridal dresses. This even goes right for lehenga choli for wedding reception. Now Lehenga Choli are the basic choli with a Swirling Lehenga and A Dupatta. Lehenga Choli for Wedding Reception have been evolving into a Modern, Contemporary Outfit.

It’s pretty rare to find a wardrobe collection that fulfills the entire fashion and comfort checklist, especially clothing that are lightweight. They also have an element of culture and heritage. They are comfortable enough to be worn on festive occasions.

Here’s something that shall substitute’s the traditional form of lehenga choli for wedding.

It shall also help you carry yourself in a wedding to draw a unique style statement.


Bridal Sarees in Indian Wedding

Bridal Sarees in Indian Wedding

Bridal Indian Sarees have a pivotal role to play in Indian marriage just like the wedding gowns of the western countries.

The marriage day is the most wonderful day in a woman's life and she desires to use the traditional bridal outfit, however modern she is. Nowadays you can find exclusively Aishwarya Design Studio crafted Designer sarees on the Aishwarya Online Stores. Bridal Indian sarees make the bride very attractive and these sarees are now used by women all over the World. The bridal Indian saree business has experienced great progress since e-commerce facilities evolved. You can find bridal sarees created by experts at the Aishwarya Design Studio online store India.

Aishwarya Design Studio offer a wide range of fine quality Bridal Sarees in rates suiting every budget.

Aishwarya Design Studio ensures best quality of fabric, material, use of fine colours and embelishement work to make you look traditionally beautiful on your wedding day. Moksha Fashions take special care of timely delivery of the goods ordered by you.


Designer Bridal Sarees – Perfect Outfit

Designer Bridal Sarees – Perfect Outfit

The Aishwarya Design Studio Exclusive Bridal Sarees provide for a lot of options in terms of style, design, embroidery and colors of different shades and tones.

The Designer Sarees do come with a Brand tag. The credence of the designer follows too and helps convey a fashion statement.

It is of course a fashionable trend to showcase one’s sense and sensibility by way of wearing the style of a well known Fashion House Sarees.

The demand for quality fashion designing has been on the rise for a long time now.

The Designer Sarees are very in vogue and signify haute couture in the bridal collection.

The Bridal Sarees or the saree in general is considered to enhance the feminine grace. Sarees is a symbol of the culture and tradition of the Indian woman. The saree has gained popularity and acceptance all over the world.

It is a well accepted fact in India that a blushing bride in a saree is the epitome of style and grace. It is therefore justified for a bride-to-be wanting to put on the finest saree on the special occasion of her wedding day.


Designer Premium Kurtis From Aishwarya Design Studio

Designer Premium Kurtis From Aishwarya Design Studio


Keeping up with the fast changing pace and remain in line with fashion in vogue, Aishwarya Design Studio designers and fashion house are coming up with a range of intricately designed women wear to compete in the markets. One such innovation amongst others is Women Kurtis which is demanded by almost every women in the market. From short kurtis to long kurtis, cotton kurtis, printed kurtis to Georgette kurtis and party wear kurtis, these are available in diverse designs, colors and patterns to be carried well in all kinds of occasions as well as weather. These can be adorned with beads or sequins, embroidered or mirror work, to give an aesthetic appeal and look.

Not only this, Ladies Kurti are a perfect match with denims, capris or even skirts if there is a requirement of Indian touch.

Kurti For Women is is considered to be much more fashionable and comfortable.

With diversity in colors, sizes and styles, these look fashionable and can be worn with denims or leggings to give a pleasing appearance. These come in various fabrics, colors and prices suiting to almost all needs and within budget. Comfortable and figure flattering, are some of the basic attributes that make these Kurtis For Women a preferred and sought after choice of fashion concerned ladies buyers.


Women Kurtis - Blend of Style, Trend, Fashion & Culture

Women Kurtis - Blend of Style, Trend, Fashion & Culture

Among a wide range of latest and trendy women attire available these days, Ladies Kurtis is one such desirable outfit that can never go wrong in any occasion. Kurtis available in varied designs, colors and sizes, Kurtis demand has risen beyond expectations in the gone few years and is still popping up in the market. Kurtis not only flatters and grooms one's personality but also provides comfort to an utmost extent. Indian Kurtis nicely fits into anyone's body without causing any discomfort.

Being one of the most common and easy available attire, Ladies Kurti is preferred by numerous female buyers to be worn on several social occasions or auspicious moments of life.

With the growing popularity and diversity of fashionable clothes in the market, people are getting more and more inclined towards the clothes that guarantees not only style but comfort at the same time.

Of the many options and designers clothes available in the market, Ladies Kurtis and tops never goes out of fashion and is quite ostensible with its increased demands.

Paired with accessories like belts, clutches, bracelets, etc… these outfits will never let anyone unnoticed in social gatherings.


Why Ladies Love Designer Kurtis

Why Ladies Love Designer Kurtis

Indian women have a extensive range of choice as far as dresses are concerned. While the sarees, salwar suits and lehengas are always fashionable, the Indianized western look has been embraced by many a woman, especially in their day to day lives Indian women love to wear kurtis.

Indian Kurtis have been very much in style for the past decade. I wanted to find out why Indian kurtis turn out to be one the best choices of women of every age that is why kurtis have such a universal appeal among Indian women.

Why women love Designer Indian kurtis- Reasons

Universally accepted- Indian culture is liberal and conservative at the same time. Young girls as well as middle aged women can sport kurtis with equal amount of confidence, without having to worry regarding what others might be thinking! Wear Indian Kurtis to college or to tuitions, in friendly get-togethers or in a family functions; kurtis are certainly stylish.

For example, if you are going to attend a family function, you may go for a Indian kurti in rich gorgeous colours in silks and Indian Kurtis Ease blended with fashion


Indian Designer Saree - Dress Your Style




As a Fashion House, Aishwarya Design Sudio are in complete awe of this simple piece of cloth called Saree, which has played and still plays an integral role in the life of an Indian woman Globally.

Today Sarees have stiff competition from western and other formal Indian dresses…and yet they have retained their grace, all the while rising up to the competition. Blouses may have shrunk to halters or bra tops, but they continue to be the top preference of young girls for their trousseau. So it’s evident that a Saree can only evolve in style and stature…but never vanish.

The Indian sarees are something that is recognized by everyone all over the globe. They are considered to be the mark of true Indian tradition.A saree holds Indian values as well as the Indian culture.The draping of the saree may look difficult for the new users but it is extremely easy once you get to know the trick of wearing it.After draping a saree a women feels confident and beautiful and if it for the bride,she looks amazingly attractive in it.

The sarees is the most visible example of Indian cultural

The sarees is the most visible example of Indian cultural 


The sarees is the most visible example of Indian cultural ideals surrounding women.

The saree clad woman is both dignified and alluring, honorable and beautiful. The sarees forges a strong link between the lives of women across the country, be they leaders, activists, and professionals, or homemakers, mothers, students, and laborers.

Popular culture also influences sarees fash­ions. Often an actress in a particular film may wear a distinctive blouse, sarees, or a color com­bination which soon becomes a popular fashion

The Indian sarees are something that is recognized by everyone all over the globe. They are considered to be the mark of true Indian tradition.A saree holds Indian values as well as the Indian culture.The draping of the saree may look difficult for the new users but it is extremely easy once you get to know the trick of wearing it.After draping a saree a women feels confident and beautiful and if it for the bride,she looks amazingly attractive in it.

In India,you can find a wide variety of Designer Sarees Collection.From all parts of India,a different style of saree can be seen. They are made up of different types of fabrics and different kind of work and embroidery is done on them which depict the religion and culture of that particular of India

Designer Sarees Aishwarya Design Studio India

Designer Sarees Aishwarya Design Studio India

When asked for the type of Saree to wear during any function, a lot of recommendations are being given by some or the other person thereby making it a tough choice to pick the one of the so many available choices. The best part of the Indian Designer Saree is that it is available in all the different patterns and styles suiting women of all ages. The prominence of Indian Designer Saree is increasing day by day due to its global popularity. Indian women are specially found wearing Indian Designer Saree in the functions like social gathering, engagement, wedding and festivals.

The designer sarees would be surely embedded with too many colors. Designers love mixing up the colors giving a beautiful look. They will also have a good collection of single color Designer sarees. Select the color most suitable to you.

You will doubtlessly get the latest designs while opting for designer Saree. Aishwarya Design Studio Mumbai Designers do take care of the trend and set the patterns and work likewise that stays in fashion for a long time. The additions are also made in the designer sarees.

The additions like stones, zari work, beads, sequins, zardosi work, thread work, etc. are all the additions that are very well taken care of while preparing the Indian Saree. With the trappings, the overall look of the Designer Saree will become more enchanting. You can opt for the latest designer sarees from an online store Aishwarya Design Studio Mumbai to get the latest trendy item within few clicks.

Womens love for Indian Designer sarees is evident from the fact that they live draping it in each special occasion. They love Designer sarees above all outfits. If one desires to be dressed in the designer saree outfit, go for the designer sarees that are worked upon very well by the reputed designers..

Many females are at thought that designer sarees collection is always costly. But this is not right! They are available in affordable ranges, the one who knows the meaning of quality and labor that lies behind the making of the designer piece will definitely not mind the cost to pay for it. It is worthy by all means; just try once and I assure you will purchase the designer piece every time you go shopping for Indian sarees online Aishwarya Design Studio Mumbai.

Latest Bollywood Sarees

Latest Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood is the stage that gives boost to trend, style and fashion. With various fashion designers creating masterpieces in terms of sarees, the women are getting a distinctive status. In fact, Bollywood sarees have become a style icon for women that value fashion and have a taste for classiness. Things in Bollywood have always been in the eyes of public, be it designs of dresses or anything else. Moreover, these sarees have gained a wide acclaim at functions in abroad also.

The best example for this is the Cannes Film Festival, where Indian beauties have marvelously adorned Bollywood sarees. Since, this dress piece is associated deeply with the ethnic Indian roots; they look subtle on just every woman. And if it is decorated with embroidery or any other kind of artwork; it gives a creative outlook to the whole stature. This is why, it is said that sarees are meant to drape a woman in grace and brings out her elegance to the best.

Bollywood has enormously influenced Indian culture, particularly Indian Couture and India Bollywood sarees are the best instance of this upshot. Every upcoming movie comes with something new and eye catchy, which has led to collection in the styling of the Indian clothing Sarees.

Wearing an attractive Bollywood sarees India makes you the stunning figure in all events. Today, Indian Bollywood sarees is one of the widely recommended attires by young women. Beautifully designed Bollywood sarees suits women of all age groups and skin color.