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Beautiful Lehenga Saree With Designs

Beautiful Lehenga Saree With Designs

The lehenga styled sarees are trendy sarees available in India for the years. These lehenga sarees are preferred for marriage or wedding and bridal collections to add a new element in fashion world. A lehenga styled sarees consists of lehenga choli and a traditional section what is being wrapped around. Pleating is not necessary for this lehenga styled sarees dressing which is a different feature of this lehenga styled saree. This lehenga sarees easily worn and ready-made sarees known for the party wear dress. The dupatta or the lehenga choli has a different style factor that is blended in this fashionable attire.

This lehenga styled sarees hassle free dressing is relatively easy than the traditional sarees.

That is why these dressings are widely available.  This lehenga styled saree is combination of yellow designer pallu and cyan embroidery section.

Lehenga Saree is attire which can be draped either like a saree or in a lehenga pattern alike. It plays dual role offering two different styles in apparel. This is basically inspired by the half and half sarees of the South which fabricates together the skirted lehenga along with the dupatta to get a single ensemble.  It differs from saree in the form that one doesn’t have to make pleats in the bottom part, since it resembles a lehenga form, webbed with embroidered and worked designs. Further, it differs from lehengas in the fact that it is single piece while lehenga’s are ideally a three piece garment.

Being the latest trend this can be one of the options while buying lehenga styled sarees online from Aishwarya Design Studio.

Indian Designer Sarees: The Recent Craze among Indian Women around the Globe

Indian Designer Sarees: The Recent Craze among Indian Women around the Globe

Rich, traditional Designer Indian sarees are known to be evergreen and they never seem to go out of fashion.

The younger generation is always more adventurous and are on the constant look out for innovative styles and designs in Sarees. The creative team of our fashion designers has created the designer sarees for the young and vibrant women. Currently there is a growing craze for exclusive designer sarees including Bollywood style sarees.

These lightweight unique designer pieces are very much in fashion and are just right for the sophisticated and modern Indian woman. You have access to a wide variety of designer sarees today and Indian sarees come in soft comfortable fabrics including chiffons, georgettes, silks and nets sarees.

Sarees are essentially lightweight and easy to drape and carry. Sarees have a wonderful fall and make you look truly elegant. Indian Sarees come in a wide spectrum of styles, designs and colors.As such there has been a definite increase in global popularity for sarees.

Incidentally, you can now buy sarees online as you have an easy access to a fabulous selection of sarees in innovative designs and vibrant colors.

About Buying Indian Designer Embroidered Kurtis

About Buying Indian Designer Embroidered Kurtis

The Indian Designer embroidered kurtis are the hottest selling Indian outfit.

In today’s age when western outfits demand have declined in India at the same time it seems amazing to see the increasing demand of Indian Designer kurtis be it a printed or embroidered.

In fact we guess no one can deny the fact that it is this embroidered kurtis which have replaced the demand of other outfit. This Indian attire because of the comfort and modern style have become popular and highly in demand.

The kurtis are successful in giving all new direction in terms of pricing. The beautiful embroidered kurtis which are also the formal attire are more pocket friendly then thee three piece suits. This, increases women opportunity to shop more and have a wide variety in their wardrobes.

Availability in different cuts, styles and length. The kurtis are available in the market in wide range. The different style and cuts are available in the market for all ages. The different styles and cuts which are available in wide size range is another reason of the increasing popularity. The ladies who want to give a modern look to their personality but are still reluctant to shift to western wear feel comfortable with this new fusion of India and west in there outfit.

Depending upon the work and style of the kurtis the wearer gets a complete gorgeous looks for the occasion

Fashion waves with flowy Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Fashion waves with flowy Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Anarkali Salwar Kameez have always complimented the eternal beauty of Indian women since Years.

Most of us have been invited to an event where dressing up to the nines is just as important as showing up. Or else, there are festive occasions where we want to look our best. Whether be it a wedding or an engagement, or a college cultural functions or your favourite festival, looking festive and bright is extremely important. Anarkali salwar kameez suits have made a comeback and are one of the most popular types of salwar suits around. With a high and fitted waist and a flared lower portion, the Anarkali dress suits women of all body types.

Anarkali suits showcase large pleats flowing posturing perfect flare to twirl. Bottoms are usually called as ‘churidar’ or salwar. Anarkali suits are characterized by bold designs & patterns. Our range of Anarkali kurta includes a whole gamut of trendy handpicked styles in fanciful fabrics.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful designer & latest Anarkali suits online, rich cotton fabrics, and gorgeous styles in Anarkali set to pair with your mood and occasions like party wear Anarkali suits, Casual Anarkali suits, wedding Anarkali suits, bridal anarkali suits etc. Whether you are picking dresses for a wedding, a casual lunch, traditional festivals or even your boss anniversary celebrations - you can’t go wrong with the graceful exquisiteness of an Anarkali kurti or Anarkali kurta teamed with a stylish churidar.

Modern Woman's Must Have Designer Lehenga-Choli

Modern Woman's Must Have Designer Lehenga-Choli

The Lehenga-Choli as an outfit and girls in general have a beautiful love affair with each other since eternity. The fact that a lehenga-Choli is the most immemorial part of her bridal trousseau makes the bond even more special. However, nowadays, it's not just the bridal lehenga-Choli that a girl desires but all sorts of variations of the traditional version have become an integral part of her wardrobe. From light cocktail style lehengas to indo western  Lehenga variants with modern cuts and embellishments, a lehenga-choli is so much more than a representation of Indian tradition.

So what makes the lehenga-Choli such a versatile and popular choice amongst women or girls now a days? For starters, it's super comfortable and suits most body types. Indian women have a history of flaunting lehengas are still resplendent with this gorgeous outfit. What with beautiful Indian colors and prints and embellishments, there is a lehenga-choli for each occasion. Be it weddings, festivals or just an everyday version (think lehenga skirts and kurtas or even crop tops), lehengas are such a favorite across all ages.
From light everyday styles to bright, festive lehengas and also bridal lehengas, there are so many options to choose from.

Have a look at some of the most popular lehenga choli styles that are MUST HAVES in your attire: -

The Heavy Wedding / Occasion Wear Silk Lehenga Choli
Breezy Net / Georgette Lehengas
Saree Style Lehengas

A Anarkali Salwar Suit dress that suits every body type

A Anarkali Salwar Suit dress that suits every body type

Today, the humble Anarkali Suits, Salwar-kameez, Churidar Suits has been christened to the Indian alternative. Along the way came leggings and the kurta-leggings combination Anarkali Suits, salwar-kameez, churidar suit  became the official ‘power-dressing’ clothing among corporate employees.

Young girls preferred simple cotton, silk and georgette churidar suit, salwar-kameez suits. However, anarkalis became a really popular trend and looks like they are here to stay. The best part is that, the anarkalis available in India somehow manage to infuse the traditional designs, texture and prints of the India.”

Indian Anarkalis became a huge trend in the world when we started spotting actors sporting these clothes in films and award parties alike.

Perhaps because the anarkali suits  manages to look sensual while being "modest", the trend struck an instant chord with the Indian audience.

Right now, Indian anarkalis are not necessarily in but those with asymmetric cuts and high-low hemlines are.

Anarkalis are still huge in the wedding scene with the friends and sisters of the bride favouring them for light evening events like mehendi, sangeet and reception. They are a hit because unlike a saree, you don't have to be conscious about the attire. They have definitely evolved as well. We also see a lot of anarkalis fashioned like a full length anarkali gown!”

From being categorised as a special occasion wear, they have now become mainstream and casual. Wear them dressy, wear them casual. Either way, anarkalis are here to stay. 

Salwar Kameez the Most Comfortable Outfit

Salwar Kameez the Most Comfortable Outfit

The modern versions of the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits are usually sleeveless and tend to be more tight-fitting than the traditional suit.

In addition, the kameez is no longer always paired with a salwar, with some women today choosing to wear their kameez tops over Western-style jeans, skirts and pants.

Like other forms of dress, the length and width of the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits has been influenced by fashion trends. The width of the trouser cuffs on the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits has ranged from as wide as 30 cm for the “pantaloon” look to as narrow as 10 cm for “harem” pants. The length of the kameez has also varied from between mid-thigh during the “mini” craze to well below the knee during the “midi” phase.

Cultural significance of Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits

The popularity of the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits among young Indian women is linked to societal changes.

Thus, they turned to the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits, which was seen as a suitable outfit that met their modesty requirements.

For many Indian women today, the salwar kameez is regarded as a functional outfit that suits their modern lifestyle needs better than the traditional saree. Unlike the saree, the Salwar kameez or Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits does not have strong associations with tradition nor does it evoke anxieties of learning how to properly wrap and drape the outfit. In addition, its ease of wear allows women to move about more freely at the workplace.

There are many  which are ranked first in giving best feminine looks and never let you out from your comfort zone. Along with culture and traditions, salwar kameez gives the best ever looks for you. Having vibrantly coloured dresses in your wardrobe will help you in choosing the best one every day when you dress up.

Aishwarya Design Studio Spectacular Salwar Kameez Designs That Will Leave You Wanting for More

Indian Bridal Gown Wedding Dress

Indian Bridal Gown Wedding Dress

An Indian wedding is completed only with the Indian bridal Gown wedding dress that symbolizes the rich culture that the people have. Since wedding days are a special occasion that is celebrated religiously by the Indian people, Indian bridal Gown wedding dress is only right that the bride should look her best in her Indian bridal wedding dress. 

Today, you will be able to find a selection of traditional Indian bridal Gown wedding dress over the Internet. Our website is already catering to the need of the brides to look their best. The collection of the Indian bridal Gown wedding dress that they have is meant to make the bride shine on this special day.

This Indian bridal Gown wedding dress are now widespread.

 Indian bridal Gown wedding dress can be noted that the blend only emphasizes the beauty and the elegance that the wedding dress projects. 

Planning on your Indian bridal Gown wedding dress should take as much time as any other preparation needed for the event. You definitely want to look your very best during this occasion. To ensure that, you need to have the perfect Indian bridal Gown wedding dress. 

Your wedding day is meant for you. That is why you need to shine and look your very best in your Indian bridal Gown wedding dress.


Stylish Indian Salwar Suits and Salwar Kameez Different Types

Stylish Indian Salwar Suits and Salwar Kameez Different Types

India has always been recognized for its unusual and stylish traditional attires Salwar Kameez, Salwar Suits, Anarkali Suits for women, which not only makes them graciously, but Salwar Kameez, Salwar Suits, Anarkali Suits also determines a woman’s elegance in a way that perhaps no attire could. Indian fashion has always ruled the fashion industry since the modern days. Indian traditional Salwar Kameez, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits dresses are known for their beauty and charm.

Salwar Suits is a dress that has three parts. The first part of Salwar Kameez is Kurti that is a long Kameez along with a loose pajama which is the second part and a dupatta the third part which is worn as a stole around the neck. All these three parts of the Salwar Kameez can be designed in so many different ways to give a unique look to every Salwar Kameez, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits dress. The most essential kinds of Indian Salwar Kameez are as follows:

The short kurta, The indo western style, Churidar kurta & Anarkali style

Salwar Kameez, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits is a basic dress for the Indian females.

This is the identity of Indian women community. The colourful and printed Dupattas add grace to the combination. Salwar Kameez, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits Dupatta are also available in wide varieties, ranging from hand embroidered dupatta to block printed ones. The Salwar Kameez, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits is the perfect blend of Indian tradition with grace and style. This is the reason why they have found place in women’s wardrobe not only in India, but over the world.

The Increasing Trend of Salwar Kameez Suits

The Increasing Trend of Salwar Kameez Suits

While the fashion industries in most countries are mostly reproducing the fashion, we cannot deny the fact that traditional Salwar Kameez Suits dresses of the Asia are quite popular in the other countries too. In the past few years, traditional dresses have gained a huge popularity and today, many Indian like to wear outfits inspired from Indian styles and designs.

To cater these demands, designers keep introducing clothes which are a combination of different ethnic designs. One such popular dress which has undergone major transformations and fusions in recent years is the salwar kameez suit.

Salwar Kameez Suits: Different Styles and Designs

Salwar kameez is one of the most commonly found dresses, which is an all-time trendy and fashionable outfit, just perfect for all places and occasions. There are a plethora of designs in today’s time as most women prefer it for casual occasions, for parties, marriages and even for offices. The best fact is that nowadays you can buy salwar kameez online and there are many styles to choose from. There are many style options to experiment with too. You can opt for complete salwar kameez set with dupatta. The salwars or the lowers are also available in various patterns. The unstitched salwar kameez set can be customized as per your requirement.

Shop for Salwar Kameez Online

Shopping for salwar kameez has never been so easy With Aishwarya Design Studio online shopping sites.

The designer salwar kameez shops online, provide the best samples of fusion of different designs. Salwar kameezs have their own exclusiveness and it is entirely up to you on how to make the choice. That is why online shopping becomes very helpful. You can choose various designs and then make a final decision.