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Stunning Indian Kurtis the secret to looking attractive

Stunning Indian Kurtis the secret to looking attractive

Indian Kurtis

Indian Kurtis are the most widely worn women traditional in India. They are elegant and sober and need lesser maintenance than Indian lehengas and Indian Sarees. You can wear Indian kurtis casually in your everyday life and also for parties and events. Their versatility makes them even more popular among women.

There is a lot of variety but something that is loved by every single women is Indian Kurti. Indian Kurtis is considered as the traditional though easy to carry Indian attire as it is shorter in length. The breathable and beautiful Indian kurtis are also found in various fabrics, work, embellishments, prints, fit and designs. They will help you to get a perfect look. Whenever you want to get the perfect Indian kurti for yourself, you always think about the store where you can get it.

Indian Kurtis Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful and come in a large variety of fabrics, thread work, prints and embellishments, design and fit, they can be styled to perfection. Whether you like to stick to classic styles or experiment with bold, contemporary designs for a fusion look, our kurtis collection has it all and more. You just cannot go wrong with them – shop for all your favourite kurtis on Aishwarya Design Studio before stocks run out.

Shop bridal sarees with complete convenience

Shop Bridal Sarees with complete convenience

Bridal Sarees

Get ready to nail the next wedding with stunning Bridal wedding Sarees! Explore distinct bridal pattu and intricate wedding sarees here.

Shopping for a wedding Indian Sarees is the most exciting thing for a prospective bride. Since ages, parents and friends have been shopping for the most beautiful and expressive set of bridal sarees for the bride. Shopping for Indian bridal sarees is incomplete till you don’t get to pick the traditional shades. At Indian Wedding Saree, our designers bring the perfect harmony of style, appeal and fashion.

At Aishwarya Design Studio, find beautiful collection of wedding sarees that is a pure reflection of Indian culture and tradition. With attractive embroidery, pattu design, and intricacy, our Bridal sarees are perfect for your next wedding occasion.

Reduce your wedding-preparation stress by picking up stunning bridal sarees from Aishwarya Design Studio right from the comfort of your home. We bring you a wide range of exclusive bridal sarees with price options that are fairly affordable.

We understand your specific needs when you look for Shopping Bridal sarees. At Aishwarya Design Studio, we offer a wide range of Bridal Sarees in many colors, designs and material for you to choose from. We bring to you the best of traditional collections with rich cultural heritage from across India.

Fascinating Anarkali Suits

Fascinating Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Although Anarkali Suits have been a staple in India they have made quite a strong comeback into mainstream Indian ethnic fashion in the recent past. Anarkali Salwar Kameez generally come with a fitted fitting till the waist and flares out till the hem. This flared out portion is created by combining many panels of fabric accentuated with details making it the main focus of the outfit, hence the name Anarkali. To bring out the essence of the ensemble Anarkali Salwar Suits come with a great length, making you look tall and beautiful. It’s paired with a churidar bottom with lots of gathering and an aesthetic dupatta which adds more charm to the look.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful designer & latest Anarkali suits, rich cotton Anarkali fabrics, and gorgeous styles in Anarkali set to pair with your mood and occasions like party wear Anarkali suits, wedding Anarkali suits, bridal anarkali suits etc. Whether you are picking dresses for a wedding, a casual lunch, traditional festivals or celebrations - you can’t go wrong with the elegant beauty of an Anarkali Salwar kameez or a stylish Anarkali churidar.

Indian Anarkalis salwar kameez have stood the test of time and fashion designers too. They are quite a rage when its wedding and festive season. And wearing it any number of times, which makes it an evergreen choice among women irrespective of their age.


Traditional Indian sarees

Traditional Indian sarees

Indian sarees

If there is anything that describes traditional Indian wear for women, it's traditional Indian sarees. These traditional Indian sarees aren’t just meant for weddings. You can wear traditional Indian Sarees for any occasion. In fact, you can see the trend shifting considerably. Aishwarya Design Studio Leading fashion houses lately have been inclined to create fashion pieces revolving around designer traditional Indian sarees. The recent fashion sense is all about revival of traditional. If you are keen to Shop traditional Indian sarees, then Aishwarya Design Studio is a perfect choice for you.

Traditionally, Indian traditional sarees used to be 9 yards long but now they are available anywhere from 4 to 9 yards. Nowadays, traditional Indian sarees contain various patterns, embroideries, embellishments, textures, and prints so that you get a wide variety of options. Before you decide to Shop Indian sarees, we want you to understand a little bit about the sarees fabrics.

Cotton Indian sarees:

If you want to own traditional Indian wear then it has to be cotton sarees. As a fabric, cotton is known for being lightweight and breathable. It is low on maintenance thereby making cotton sarees as the best choice in summers.

Silk Indian sarees:

Silk is considered to be one of the most versatile and contemporary fabrics. Unlike others, silk, as a fabric, can be easily blended with other fibres and that’s why each state of India has its own version of Silk Saree’s pattern.

Chiffon Indian sarees:

Sarees can be worn on a daily basis without any hassle and chiffon sarees are the best example. The yarns of chiffon fabric are made from cotton and synthetic material like nylon and polyester.

Georgette Indian sarees:

Most people get confused between chiffon & georgette fabric material. Chiffon is quite light and sheer while georgette is a crepe fabric. It has a peppery texture and is a little heavier than chiffon sarees; however, when draped properly, it looks gorgeous and feel lighter.

LEHENGA-CHOLI More Than Just Wedding Wear

LEHENGA-CHOLI More Than Just Wedding Wear


Lehenga-Choli define the beauty of Indian ethnic wear. Today, designers have taken the lehenga-choli to the next level by blending Indian ethnic style with fashionable designs and shapes. Hence, Lehenga Choli is not just restricted to bridal wear now. Lehenga Choli are also the go-to outfits for women and girls at festive occasions and family functions, and for wedding guests

The Lehenga Choli as an outfit and girls in general have a beautiful love affair with each other since infinity.It's not just the bridal lehenga Choli that a girl wishes but all sorts of variations of the traditional version have become an integral part of her wardrobe. From light style lehenga choli to indo-western lehenga choli variants with modern cuts and additions, a lehenga choli is so much more than a representation of Indian tradition. Be it weddings, festivals or just an everyday version, lehenga choli are such a favourite across all ages.

From traditional pieces to modern designs, there are a variety of options to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Lehenga Choli collection today and shop for your favourite lehenga Choli..Glam up your ethnic looks with our latest lehenga collection. Buy bridal Lehenga, party lehenga choli and designer ghagra choli in awesome designs.


Trendy Straight Cut Suits Only at Aishwarya Design Studio

Trendy Straight Cut Suits Only at Aishwarya Design Studio

Straight Cut Suits

A classic Indian Straight Cut Suits and Indian Straight Cut Salwar Kameez are the most popular and worn fashions of all times. If we talk about Indian Straight salwar suits, despite the plenty of options in designs, cuts, and styles- a Straight Cut Salwar kameez is timelessly outstanding.

This beautiful Indian ethnic wear represents the tradition of Indian fashion with its charming style, dignity, pride & grace. Straight Cut Suits offer the perfect combination of subtlety and elegance. Straight cut salwar kameez have been known to mankind for a long time now as this is the most popular and basic outline for salwar kameez and Straight suits are the perfect pick for any occasion and have even made their mark in the day to day wear segment. Available in a many of fabrics like Cotton, Georgette, Silk, Velvet & many more, Straight Cut Suits are ideal for every occasion. When it comes to bottom wear, you can always experiment to create your own style and maybe become a trendsetter.

So, if your heart desires for Straight cut Suits, Aishwarya Design Studio is one of the best stores that you would certainly love to visit. Aishwarya Design Studio Stay updated with the current trends in Indian ethnic fashion and special elegances to your closet.

Desiner Fashion Lehenga Choli

Desiner Fashion Lehenga Choli


Indian Lehenga choli and Designer Lehengas is the primary Indian outfit. Lehengas history and origin is as interesting as the clothing. It has travelled a long way to reach where it is today. Initially Indian Lehenga choli was considered as the royal Indian dress. Today Indian Lehenga choli is worn at functions and occasions now Designer Lehenga choli has its variety of styles and craftsmanship.

Indian Lehenga choli as fashion wear and girls in general have a beautiful love affair with each other since infinity. The fact that a Lehenga choli is the most ancient part of her bridal wear makes the bond even more special. However, nowadays, it's not just the bridal lehenga that a girl desires but all sorts of variations of the traditional version have become an integral part of her attire.

Indian Lehenga choli are available in many styles, and apart from the traditional ones, the modern fashion this popular dress like the lehenga Choli and jacket lehengas are also very common to spot at marriages and other festive events.

At any Indian wedding, or wedding party, one can spot stunningly gorgeous party wear lehenga choli designs like bridal lehengas, Partywear lehengas, and designer lehengas etc…



Bridal Lehenga

Beautify our well-crafted and detailed Bridal Lehenga Choli and the regal glory with our wide range of Lehenga choli collections. A Lehenga is a form of skirt from the Indian subcontinent which is long and embroidered usually paired with a dupatta. The Lehenga is generally worn for occasions like weddings & festivals. The bridal lehenga is a long, pleated and embellished skirt which is worn for weddings and other important occasions. The lehenga is usually paired with a designer blouse or choli with a dupatta draped over it

Lehenga outfit fit for the royals the Lehenga has seen transformations over the years keeping in mind the modern trends.

Wedding designer Lehenga choli that harmonise glamour and contemporary fashion to make you look sophisticated. From yarn to fabric to accessory, Aishwarya Design Studio would like to bring everything to you that make an ethnic Lehenga Choli perfect.

At Aishwarya Design Studio, our bridal lehenga collection consists of a wide range of attractive designs crafted into the best of fabrics.

Where can I Shop Indian sarees online

Where can I Shop Indian sarees online


The Indian saree is unquestionably one of the most popular attire of India. Indian Sarees can be described as a symbol of traditional Indian ethnic wear, Indian heritage and culture that has survived centuries and yet continues to be a favourite amongst masses.

The Indian sarees for women is basically a long unstitched piece of cloth varying in length paired with a blouse. Designer Indian sarees are not only a social symbol but also stylish costume for Indian women's.

The beauty of an Indian sarees is that it is suitable for all ages as well; from young girls to women. Indian Sarees are an important part of Indian festivals and celebrations for its stylishness and charm.

Stylish Indian sarees is not only a traditional clothing but has now become a style statement for many women. Indian sarees is also available in countless varieties and forms. From every region, comes a contribution creative and completely different from the other.

For online Indian sarees shopping, all these fabrics are easily available online. We provide you easy shopping for Indian sarees online. Offering a huge collection of online Indian wedding dresses, no more do you have to keep wondering where to buy a sari or find the latest Indian sarees for sale. Buy an online Indian saree of your choice, pattern, color, and design, at the most reasonable prices and simple buying process at Aishwarya Design Studio.

Anarkali Salwar Suits : A Wonderful Combination of Fashion

Anarkali Salwar Suits : A Wonderful Combination of Fashion

Anarkali Salwar Suits

Anarkali Salwar Suits have been worn by Indian women extensively, especially on special occasions. You can wear this Anarkali Salwar Suits with a dupatta. Talking about the fashion trends, an Anarkali Salwar Suits has grown in popularity. Anarkali Salwar Suits is treated like a unique, designer dress for women that can be worn on every important occasion in the family. The latest Anarkali Salwar Suits designs in the market are available in a variety of clothing material and are decorated with embroideries.

Anarkali Salwar Suits represent a beautiful blend of rich Indian tradition and modern designs that look good on women of all ages. A comfortable and fashionable style, Anarkali Salwar Suits are a hot favourite with most fashion designers today.

The rise of the Anarkali Salwar Suits in the fashion scene is a good example of how an trend makes an excellent comeback. One of the primary reasons why the Anarkali Salwar Suits is popular is because of its ability to enhance the feminine looks of women. No matter what the body shape is, this ethnic attire suits everyone.

The magnificence of Anarkali Salwar Suits Indian ethnic clothes continues to have that regal effect on women till today. Anarkali Salwar Suits look tremendously graceful and elegant. This has made the Anarkali Salwar Suits outfit purposeful for all casual, formal and semi-formal occasions.