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It’s impossible to not love the charm and elegance of Anarkali salwar suit. Anarkali salwar suits are admired for their unique flared that are not seen in any other Indian ethnic wear dress. While the classic Anarkali salwar suit still stand out the best, changing trends have led to new styles being introduced in Indian salwar kameez suits that flaunt the suit in magnificent ways. It’s easy to see why Anarkali salwar suit is loved by every woman, Anarkali salwar dress is the one style that is perfect for every woman.

Anarkali salwar Suits are specially designed in long and oval shapes & are full of designer work. The work could vary between embroidery work, zardoshi work, lace Work, floral patch, resham, stone work etc. Enriched with such heavy work, flawless cuts and combination of variant colour shades and Fabric, the Anarkali salwar kameez dresses can be worn on any event.

Anarkali suit fit till midriff and flare out skirt gives it an attractive appeal which is impossible to ignore. If you have been wondering why Anarkali salwar suits are fashionable by every woman, let us tell you that Anarkali Salwar suits had got a few wonderful benefits of wearing it. The adaptability of Anarkali salwar kameez suits is its best feature of all.

Fancy Indian Gowns for Women

Fancy Indian Gowns for Women


If you are looking for fashionable gowns, trendy gowns, Bollywood inspired gowns, party wearing gowns, Indian gowns and so on. We have come with the awesome collection of gowns with stylish patterns. No matter if you Shop Indian gowns, or traditional gowns you will definitely find new and exotic designs in all the gowns.

When clothes combine a attractive blend of modernity and tradition, the outcome is unbelievable. That is why designers today create Indian gowns with a playful twist of Indian tradition. And today, almost all women prefer sporting tastefully made long dresses to parties, events, weddings and for many other occasions.

And, these Indian Gowns outfits can be considered to be one of the most graceful and elegant clothing items that women can choose to wear. These long dresses also suit almost all body types and also suit women of all ages.

These long dresses can also help you achieve the perfect retro look that you can sport at theme parties, college freshers’ parties, and so on. You can also achieve a royal and lavish look by sporting long dresses that include net or lace as a part of the design. Given their popularity, brands, stylists, and designers are experimenting with different styles to continuously up the ante for their competition. You can find dresses featuring embroidery work such as zari, sequins, beads, stones, and more to add to the charm of these long dresses.

Everyday Wear Designer Kurtis

Everyday Wear Designer Kurtis

indian kurtis

Kurtis are the handy suit you can wear them for anywhere and make people fall for you without putting efforts. That makes Designer Kurtis must-haves for every girl out there. Aishwarya Design Studio collection of women designer Kurtis is huge and possesses a variety of styles in almost every size of New Fashion Kurtis.

Aishwarya Design Studio is a dominant player in Indian women ethnic wear market. The same goes for Aishwarya Design Studio Indian ethnic kurtis. With its innovative approach towards fashion a designing, the brand has given a new make-over to Indian ethnic kurtis and of course to their pairing options.

Kurtis for women come in all sizes and lengths, however, you need to pay much attention to what will suit you the best. It is always best to select the kurtid which will not look awkward on you but complement and enhance your features more. To do so, you need to know which length of kurti will suit your height.

You can easily shop for designer kurtis from Aishwarya Design Store and Online. If you like being comfortable, trendy as well as traditional, you can shop kurtis for both regular and party wear. You may find that kurtis is the most beneficial time for you to shop for this charming piece of clothing. Indian kurtis never go out of fashion and suit Indian women perfectly.

Anarkali Salwar Suits – Exclusive Ethnic Women’s Wear

Anarkali Salwar Suits – Exclusive Ethnic Women’s WearAnarkali Salwar Suits

When the Indian women think of the Indian ethnic wear and decide on wearing something traditional outfit, then a large proportion of them settles for Anarkali salwar suits. We at Aishwarya Design Studio understand that the Anarkali Salwar Kameez dresses are the next favourite of the Indian women when they are in a mood to dress up in something colourful and extravagant and yet look forward to being comfortable. You can explore Anarkali Salwar Suits in different lengths, Anarkali Salwar Suits is the popular style nowadays. Anarkali suits look perfect for all occasions, including special ones and casual ones.  Hence we at Aishwarya Design Studio bring you an awesome collection of a super fashionable array of Anarkali Salwar suits for weddings, parties and marriage receptions. These Anarkali Salwar suits for parties are everything that all you women ever wanted when you thought of dressing up for some gala traditional occasions.

These beautiful Anarkali salwar kameez dresses that will come in different colours, materials, designs, patterns, and themes. Anarkali salwar kameez dresses can be a super fashionable addition for your apparel and can add new depths to your sense of style.

The range of choices of Anarkali salwar suits and Anarkali salwar kameez dresses for marriage and parties is quite a lavish one. You can get a perfect fit for different occasions such as parties, festivals, weddings, marriage receptions, ceremonies; name keeping ceremonies, sangeet, mehendi, bridal attire, well the list could go on and on and on.


The Appealing World of Lehenga-choli More Than Just Wedding Wear

The Appealing World of Lehenga-choli More Than Just Wedding Wear


An Indian Wedding is incomplete without lehenga choli. They are one of the favourite bridal and wedding outfits in India and World. Aishwarya Design Studio now houses a attractive collection of lehenga choli in a variety of colours, beautiful designs and attractive patterns. Whether you are looking for a heavy work lehenga-choli or a delicate one, there are lehenga choli to suit every woman's taste. A extensive variety of lehenga choli are available on Aishwarya Design Studio for women and girls from the best of Indian designers that specialize in Indian ethnic wear.

Lehenga Choli define the loveliness of Indian ethnic wear. Today, Indian designers have taken the lehenga Choli to the next level by blending Indian ethnic style with modern designs and shapes. Lehenga Choli is not just restricted to bridal wear now. Lehenga Choli are also the go-to fashions for women and girls at festive events and family functions, and for wedding guests.

At Aishwarya Design Studio, you can find an incredible variety of Lehenga Choli, where you can select according to your style and event. We always deal with the lehenga Choli trends so that you can look up to date.


Contemporary Lady's Must Have Designer Lehenga-Choli

Contemporary Lady's Must Have Designer Lehenga-Choli

Lehenga Choli

The Lehenga Choli as an outfit and Women admire to look the best at all social events. And the simplest way to do so is by finding the right ethnic lehenga choli for it. The designer lehenga choli is another kind of ethnic wear that will help you shine.

Nowadays, it's not just the bridal lehenga choli that a girl desires but all sorts of differences of the traditional version have become an integral part of her attire. From light cocktail style lehenga choli to designer variants with modern fashion, a lehenga-choli is so much more than a representation of Indian tradition. Lehenga Choli is famously known as Ghagra Choli and Chaniya Choli…These are perfect for all occasions like weddings, parties and festivals, and help the women to look graceful in the most elegant way.

You can find an amazing range of Lehenga Choli designs, where you can select according to your style and occasion. And you don’t have to worry about the quality and design as we try to offer you the best. So simply choose the best of lehengas. From light everyday styles to bright, festive lehengas and also bridal lehengas, there are so many options to choose from.

Glam up your ethnic looks with Aishwarya DesignStudio latest lehenga Choli collection

Designer Indian Kurtis For Women

Designer Indian Kurtis For Women

Indian Kurtis

Indian Designer kurtis are versatile traditional outfit which has transformed as everyday wear with time. Indian Kurtis Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful and come in a large variety of materials, thread work, prints and embellishments, design and fit, Indian Kurtis can be styled to perfection. Kurtis & Kurtas are not only stylish but are well known for the comfort they provide.

Indian traditional wear is now not just limited to Sarees, Salwars and Lehengas. One versatile outfit that is way more popular than these is, Indian Kurti for women. From casual to semi-formal to formal, Indian Kurtis can be transformed to any dress code by just playing with their styling.

Their versatility and comfort element has made them a staple wardrobe piece and now we can’t imagine our closet without stylish Indian Kurtis. Indian Kurtis are famous worldwide. Be it daily wear, work wear, festivals, parties or weddings, there is not a single event you can’t flaunt a Kurti to.

When coming to their maintenance Indian Kurtis are much easier to maintain in comparison to other Indian fashions Outfit.

Stunning Indian Kurtis the secret to looking attractive

Stunning Indian Kurtis the secret to looking attractive

Indian Kurtis

Indian Kurtis are the most widely worn women traditional in India. They are elegant and sober and need lesser maintenance than Indian lehengas and Indian Sarees. You can wear Indian kurtis casually in your everyday life and also for parties and events. Their versatility makes them even more popular among women.

There is a lot of variety but something that is loved by every single women is Indian Kurti. Indian Kurtis is considered as the traditional though easy to carry Indian attire as it is shorter in length. The breathable and beautiful Indian kurtis are also found in various fabrics, work, embellishments, prints, fit and designs. They will help you to get a perfect look. Whenever you want to get the perfect Indian kurti for yourself, you always think about the store where you can get it.

Indian Kurtis Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful and come in a large variety of fabrics, thread work, prints and embellishments, design and fit, they can be styled to perfection. Whether you like to stick to classic styles or experiment with bold, contemporary designs for a fusion look, our kurtis collection has it all and more. You just cannot go wrong with them – shop for all your favourite kurtis on Aishwarya Design Studio before stocks run out.

Shop bridal sarees with complete convenience

Shop Bridal Sarees with complete convenience

Bridal Sarees

Get ready to nail the next wedding with stunning Bridal wedding Sarees! Explore distinct bridal pattu and intricate wedding sarees here.

Shopping for a wedding Indian Sarees is the most exciting thing for a prospective bride. Since ages, parents and friends have been shopping for the most beautiful and expressive set of bridal sarees for the bride. Shopping for Indian bridal sarees is incomplete till you don’t get to pick the traditional shades. At Indian Wedding Saree, our designers bring the perfect harmony of style, appeal and fashion.

At Aishwarya Design Studio, find beautiful collection of wedding sarees that is a pure reflection of Indian culture and tradition. With attractive embroidery, pattu design, and intricacy, our Bridal sarees are perfect for your next wedding occasion.

Reduce your wedding-preparation stress by picking up stunning bridal sarees from Aishwarya Design Studio right from the comfort of your home. We bring you a wide range of exclusive bridal sarees with price options that are fairly affordable.

We understand your specific needs when you look for Shopping Bridal sarees. At Aishwarya Design Studio, we offer a wide range of Bridal Sarees in many colors, designs and material for you to choose from. We bring to you the best of traditional collections with rich cultural heritage from across India.

Fascinating Anarkali Suits

Fascinating Anarkali Suits

Anarkali Salwar Kameez

Although Anarkali Suits have been a staple in India they have made quite a strong comeback into mainstream Indian ethnic fashion in the recent past. Anarkali Salwar Kameez generally come with a fitted fitting till the waist and flares out till the hem. This flared out portion is created by combining many panels of fabric accentuated with details making it the main focus of the outfit, hence the name Anarkali. To bring out the essence of the ensemble Anarkali Salwar Suits come with a great length, making you look tall and beautiful. It’s paired with a churidar bottom with lots of gathering and an aesthetic dupatta which adds more charm to the look.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful designer & latest Anarkali suits, rich cotton Anarkali fabrics, and gorgeous styles in Anarkali set to pair with your mood and occasions like party wear Anarkali suits, wedding Anarkali suits, bridal anarkali suits etc. Whether you are picking dresses for a wedding, a casual lunch, traditional festivals or celebrations - you can’t go wrong with the elegant beauty of an Anarkali Salwar kameez or a stylish Anarkali churidar.

Indian Anarkalis salwar kameez have stood the test of time and fashion designers too. They are quite a rage when its wedding and festive season. And wearing it any number of times, which makes it an evergreen choice among women irrespective of their age.