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Indian Brides And Their Stunning Bridal Sarees

Indian Brides And Their Stunning Bridal Sarees

Bridal Sarees

The traditional attire of an Indian bride is a Sarees, though many women from India prefer Bridal Lehengas and Gagra Choli as well. As for the colour of the bride’s outfit, it is mostly red for that is considered as an auspicious colour. Every bride wants to look unique and flaunt outfits never seen on anyone before.

The Bridal Sarees of today have come a long way and no longer look conventional. The modern bride not only wants to wear a new design, she also wants to set trends. Indian Designer Bridal Sarees which used to have a traditional look now have a contemporary twist to them.

www.aishwaryadesignstudio.com is every bride-to-be’s dream come true! We are India’s leading online destination of Sarees. We have the exclusive collection of Sarees that are perfect for every ceremony of the great Indian wedding. Be it Tilak, Sangeet, Haldi, Baraat or the Shaadi, www.aishwaryadesignstudio.com brings you the most awe-inspiring collection at your fingertips. Bridal Sarees from all over the country, handpicked by our expert team of Stylists, you’re sure to fall head over heels in love with our collection.

Even though shopping for bridal sarees is considered a popular tradition most people feel more comfortable shopping online instead. You can sit at home or even at office and look closely at our stunning range of perfect Indian Bridal sarees online and pick your favourite one with just a click of a button! At www.aishwaryadesignstudio.com we feature a range of styles that have been fabricated by skilled designers who highlight the beauty of Indian bridal Sarees.

Designer Traditional Saree: Gorgeous Traditional Indian Sarees That Every Newlywed Must Have

Gorgeous Traditional Indian Sarees That Every Newlywed Must Have

Traditional Indian Sarees
Indian women have always been fans of the great Indian sarees. Nothing has changed their love for the Indian Sarees.
The colours, materials and designs have always captured their imagination, and every Indian woman yearns to make all of Indian Sarees a part of her wardrobe various sarees available in different parts of India. Wear Indian Designer Sarees and look like a stunner every time.

Delicately woven floral patterns, architectural designs, along with figures, silver or multicolour thread are some of the features of Designer saree.

The Cotton sarees have a unique translucent structure and are very comfortable during the hot summer months.

Designer Traditional Saree:

Gracious, elegant and stylish are the words that describe our hot selling blue & golden cotton saree. Drape into this comfortable sari and see how your friends go gaga over your style.  The other hot selling saree is Off White Silk Saree with bright pink borders and floral patterns all over it.

Visit our traditional saree section to buy saree for every occasion like Wedding, Sangeet, parties, get-togethers, festivals etc at an unimaginable price. Our traditional Sarees not only feature the best of Indian canvas art and printing skills but also showcase the simplicity with which they are created.

Look Regal and Royal in Indian Gowns Designer Gowns for Women

Look Regal and Royal in Indian Gowns

indian gowns onlineWhen clothes combine a fascinating blend of modernity and tradition, the outcome is unbelievable. That is why designers today create designer gowns with a playful twist of Indian tradition. And today, almost all women prefer sporting tastefully made long dresses to cocktail parties, black-tie events, corporate events, weddings, fashion shoots, and for many other occasions. 

And, Indian Gowns these outfits can be considered to be one of the most graceful and elegant clothing items that women can choose to wear. Indian Gowns long dresses also suit almost all body types and also suit women of all ages.

You can also choose to wear Indian gowns on anniversaries, parties. You can find these Indian Gown dresses made of different fabrics such as georgette, silk, chiffon, velvet, etc. Indian Gown long dresses can also help you achieve the perfect retro look that you can sport at theme parties, college freshers’ parties, and so on. You can also achieve a royal and lavish look by sporting long dresses that include net or lace as a part of the design. 

This is a one stop shopping destination where one can find the latest in design Indian Gown outfits and Indian Gown accessories.

Shop the Most Appealing Lehenga Style Sarees Online….

Shop the Most Appealing Lehenga Style Sarees Online....

Lehenga Sarees

For every occasion, an Indian saree is something to adore. Add a dash of flamboyance to the way you see saree as traditional attire with a lehenga design. Lehenga style sarees from Indian Wedding Saree store is a lovable option for girls looking for an elegant dress for a special occasion, like wedding or for a party. Prefect for all body types, owning a Lehenga style saree means relief from the frantic experience of draping a conventional saree.

The lehenga style saree is distinguished by its unique design which combines the upper half of the indian Lehenga Style Sarees with the lower half of the lehenga. This creates the visual artistic of a Lehenga Style Sarees with the elegant pallu draped over the torso – but the lower half is simply a pre pleated skirt with the structuring of a lehenga.

Lehenga style sarees can be draped easily and they go with all cuts of blouses. Whether you are looking for a flared saree bottom or a straight pleated version of a wedding saree, a Lehenga saree will fit your idea of fashion exhilaratingly.

Latest Collection Lehenga Style Sarees Online Aishwarya Deisgn Studio India

Latest Collection Lehenga Style Sarees Online Aishwarya Deisgn Studio India

Lehenga Style Sarees

The lehenga styled sarees are stylish Indian sarees available in India for the past many years lehenga styled sarees, also called Ghagra Sarees. These lehenga styled sarees are favourite for wedding and bridal collections to add a new element in fashion world.

A lehenga styled sarees consists of lehenga choli and a traditional section what is being wrapped around. Pleating is not necessary for this dressing which is a different feature of Lehenga sarees. Lehenga styled sarees easily worn and ready-made sarees known for the party wear dress.

The dupatta or the lehenga choli has a different style factor that is blended in this fashionable attire. Lehenga styled sarees trouble free dressing is relatively easy than the traditional sarees. That is why these dressings are widely available in markets

Buy Lehenga Styled Sarees Online at Aishwarya Deisgn Studio For anyone who wants to purchase a lehenga styled saree, online shopping at Aishwarya Deisgn Studio is an excellent method of purchase. Lehenga style sarees match all the fashion needs of a fashionista with its finest craftsmen ship in stunning fabrics like silk, velvet, satin, georgette etc. with the wide array of striking color palettes.

Indian Salwar Suits That Will Give Beautiful Look

Indian Salwar Suits That Will Give Beautiful Look

Salwar Suits

So, a large number of females are interested in finding affordable Indian Salwar Kameez. They have different ways to get perfect party Salwar Kameez dress such as to browse numerous shops in their motherlands. In western countries most of immigrant communities are also embracing the Salwar Kameez Suits which has become a common style of clothing there.

The versatile nature of this Salwar Suits outfit makes it perfectly suited for any place and any occasion, be it at office, at home, for a wedding or just a casual outing with friends and family.

A special event calls for a special look and what can be better than opting for a designer salwar kameez to shine at the occasion. These dresses are a special creation of a specific designer and are gaining ground with most Indian women. The exotic and fresh melange of colors, fabric and designs have transcended these ethnical dresses to global charm.

While wearing a salwar kameez is quite simple and very comfortable, selecting the right one based on material, color, and occasion can be slightly more difficult.

Designer salwar kameez give you a wide range of options to choose from . There are different kinds of salwar suits like Anarkali dress materials, Patiala Suits and many other more that differ in the cut of the Kurt or the make of the pajama. You also have many other options to add to these dresses like the style of the neck, the style of the sleeves, the length of the kurta, the print and many other things which lend asplendid look to your attire when you wear it for the occasion.

Salwar Suits Beauty with Comfort : Salwar Kameez Traditional Style of India

Salwar Suits Beauty with Comfort : Salwar Kameez Traditional Style of India

Indian Salwar Suits

The Indian Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress worn by mainly people from India. The traditional Salwar suit dress for ladies is beautiful and elegant yet comfortable to wear and carry.

Salwar Suits Available in a wide range of patterns and prints, they are a wonderful combination of tradition and style.

Salwar suits consist of the kurta which is tight fitting upper part of the combination along with a loose salwar Kameez. Salwar Kameez is pleated which fall beautifully at the ankle. Salwar Suits is worn with a printed or plain dupatta. Traditional kurtis is long, up to the knee with a wide circumference and full sleeves. These sophisticated yet trendy wear is suitable for all type of occasions, be it a wedding, party or a casual outing. Just wear a shalwar kameez combination with some matching jewellery and you are ready.

The Shalwar kameez is the perfect blend of Indian tradition with grace and style. This is the reason why they have found place in women’s wardrobe not only in India, but over the world.

Choose the Best Traditional Indian Salwar Suits Designs for Women

Choose the Best Traditional Indian Salwar Suits Designs for Women

Salwar Suits

The traditional dressings in Indian culture have always been a major impact of Traditional Indian Salwar Suits in it. Apart from Indian sarees and lehenga-Choli, Traditional Indian Salwar Suits have become a part of Indian dressing from the simplest form to the latest heavy designer salwar Kameez. Simple salwar Kameez to designer salwar-suits bring an Indian touch to the women making her look more beautiful. Long salwar suit designs to flared anarkali dresses make women look extremely gorgeous in Indian dress.

A tight fit Indian designed A-line salwar Suits was an old design but in trend of the nowadays fashion. Salwar Suits material on an ankle length salwar looks splendid. A well maintained figure woman can look beautiful with a tight stitch Salwar Suits dress.

Indian culture has always been hot favorite fashion trend in Indian dressing. Traditional Indian Salwar Suits have been admired because it’s all time favorite design. Women can change the match of the pair of Traditional Indian Salwar Suits in their desired form. A baggy salwar style that are the Indian Patiala Salwar Suit or the Patiala salwar kameez can be best Patiala suits are a design of Indian salwar kameez. A light color combination of Colours top with a ting of colourful patch and a Patiala salwar looks amazing on any women. Summer Indian dresses salwar kameez are specially designed with light colors. The style of Indian Traditional Indian Salwar Suits is today accepted worldwide bring an attractive look.

Latest Sarees Colours: Bollywood & Fashion Trend Inspired!

Latest Sarees Colours: Bollywood & Latest Fashion Trend Inspired!


when it comes to the wedding season or any other event or occasion, the first choice that comes to mind is the six-yard draping wonder, a Indian saree. Indian Sarees always give a chance to look trendy. Sarees one of the most recognizable parts of our culture and Sarees has also been the top choice for most women as a must-have in their wardrobe and no outfit can beat the glamour and elegance of a saree.

Latest Saree Colours for Bollywood and Latest Fashion Trend Inspired! From Red, Blue to carbon grey, discover the latest sarees colors in fashion for 2019 that suit the Indian skin tone.Wouldn't you want to have them all in your wardrobe? But that's not all. There are so many more kinds of sarees, designs and work that it's impossible to capture it all in one go.

But there is one thing that binds us all through threads of stylishness and that is our love for sarees. The nine-yard beauty is something all women hold close to their heart. Indian Sarees are not just cloth to be draped around your waist, they are much more than that. They have a deeper emotional connect for us, all because of our mothers. If you're in love with sarees and are looking to expand your current collection, then you're at the right place.

Indian Bridal Wedding Dress: Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, bridal lehenga choli

Indian Bridal Wedding Dress: Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, bridal lehenga choli


An Indian wedding is completed only with the traditional Indian bridal wedding dress such as Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, bridal lehenga choli… that represents the rich values that the people have.

Since wedding days are a special event that is celebrated religiously by the Indian people, it is only right that the bride should look her best in her Indian bridal wedding gowns, wedding sarees, wedding lehenga-choli…. 

Today, you will be able to find a selection of Indian bridal wedding dress over the Internet. Our websites are already catering Indian wedding gowns, wedding sarees, lehenga-choli….  to the need of the brides to look their best. The collection of the Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, wedding lehenga-choli….  that they have is meant to make the bride shine on this special day. 

Planning on your Indian bridal wedding dress should take as much time as any other preparation needed for the event. You definitely want to look your very best during this time. To ensure that, you need to have the perfect Indian wedding Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, wedding lehenga-choli…. 

If you are not sure about the design that your Indian bridal wedding dress will have, you can always seek expert advice.

Keep in mind that not all Indian bridal wedding dress will be perfect for you. This is why you need to make sure that your chosen one will suit you perfectly. Take the time to try on different colors and styles before choosing the one that will suit you best. 

Your wedding day is meant for you. That is why you need to shine and look your very best in your Indian bridal wedding dress Indian bridal gowns, bridal sarees, wedding lehenga-choli.