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The finest part of the Sarees

The finest part of the Saree is that Indian Sarees is available in all the different patterns and styles suiting women of all ages.


When asked for the kind of Saree to wear during any function and occasion, a lot of recommendations are being given by some or the other person thereby making it a tough choice to pick sarees the one of the so many available choices. The finest part of the Saris is that Indian Saris is available in all the different patterns and styles suiting women of all ages. The prominence of Saree is increasing day by day due to its global popularity. Indian women are specially found wearing Saree in the functions like social gathering, engagement, wedding and festivals.

The saree has gained its fame internationally because of the huge growth of Indian fashion trends globally. Many Bollywood celebrities, have worn Indian Designer Sarees at international events representing the Indian culture. Even popular Hollywood celebrities have worn this traditional outfit (Indian Sarees).

Checkout the latest collection of Indian sarees at Aishwarya Sarees. Explore the vast online sarees store and buy exclusive Indian sarees. Choose from a wide variety of prices. Designer Sarees is increasingly catching the attention of women across the world. Additionally, there is an increasing demand for designer sarees that are easy to drape among today's generation and even in the modern age, women continue to buy sarees with great enthusiasm, especially during festivals, wedding seasons and for casual wear.


Indian Sarees As A ideal wear for an Indian women

Indian Sarees As A ideal wear for an Indian women

Aishwarya Sarees is a brand name in a Indian sarees these days. India has been known to have wonderful Designer-Sarees, Exclusive Sarees and Lehenga Sarees. One of the most expressive clothes of woman's femininity and widely accepted apparel is sarees. Indian Sarees outfit can cover the body from head to toe, making a woman look modest and bashful.

Indian sarees have maintained its fame throughout the centuries. Even in this modern era, a feminine dress sarees is not forgettable. The sarees has attained great value among other feminine dresses and has maintained its stylishness and loveliness until now. The Indian woman and the sarees are inseparable from each other. The Indian sarees is still a preferred garment for most women in India and world. The price of sarees varies according to the excellence of cloth and work done by the artisans on the sarees. Indian sarees are available in a wide varity range of colours using different materials like Chiffon Sarees, Georgette sarees, Brasso Sarees, Chiffon Sarees & Crape Sarees.


Indian Sarees glamorous all-time-wear for women

Indian Sarees glamorous all-time-wear for women


The saree is one of the worlds eldest and possibly the only current unstitched garment from the past. Over the times, Indian Sarees has not only become a sensuous, glamorous all-time-wear for women.

 Thus, in the modern world, Indian Sarees continues to be an economical and easy-to-wear garment, suitable for work, leisure or luxury. Over a period of time, several cities in India have become renowned saree manufacturing centres. Aishwarya Sarees Shop is known for creating traditional Indian sarees, Designer Sarees, Wedding Sarees, Lehenga Sarees and Casual Saree which have acquired their names not only from the Mumbai and Ahmedabad cities of their origin, but also from the fashion, style or designing techniques used or the styles, colours or designs utilised in their Sarees.

 Though centuries have passed since the sarees was conceived as the Indian and Asian lady's hereditary costume Globally, the charm of this beautiful and extraordinary feminine garment (Sarees), suited to the youngest of girls or the most elderly among woman, has not waned. In fact, even with each new decade of technological progress, it has been well accepted by even the most modern women of the subcontinent.

Salwar Suits is the one of the comfortable outfit in all the outfits.

Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits is the one of the comfortable outfit in all the outfits.

There are lots of qualities and ranges of the salwar suits or Churidar Suits and the special thing about the salwar kameez outfit that Salwar Suits or Churidar Suits is the one of the comfortable outfit in all the outfits.

One of the basic and most significant features of salwar suits is that they fit well on most women regardless of body shape. That is why salwar kameez has become very popular across the world. Various styles of these salwar suits include Anarkali suitd which is made up of a long, frock-style top and features a slim fitted bottom. These are believed to have originated from the Mughal style of costumes. The traditional ones generally come in heavy embroideries and look beautiful and magnificent. You can buy an already stitched version or buy the fabric and get salwar suits stitched according to your size and measures. Also you can now easily shop for salwar suits or Churidar Suits online from Aishwarya Design Studio stores India. Buy the Salwar Suits fabric of Aishwarya Design Studio online and get Salwar Suits stitched for the perfect fit.

Lehenga is one of the best ethnic attires

Lehenga is one of the best ethnic attires

Lehenga is one of the best ethnic attires that has seen its popularity mount in current time. Lehengas are available in a mixture of colors which provide Lehenga a magnificent and unique look. Lehenga is outstanding because Lehenga represents mixture of diverse cultures of India. It is a well-known fact that Designer Lehenga which is available in market belongs to different price ranges.

Bridal Lehengas dress has become quite popular in current times because they are embellished with heavy embroidery that looks very eye-catching. If you want to buy a proper Wedding Lehengas dress you must focus on quality that would help you to select the best option. There are Aishwarya Design Studio online catalogues available which you can browse according to your requirements. You can get a comprehensive list of ethnic wear and then choose the best among them depending on the features and material they are made of. Bridal Lehenga must look stunning and eye catchy so that it attracts the customer. You can order Lehenga of suitable size which would be according to your specifications.


Fashionable Salwar Kameez Have a Extra Modern Look Now

Fashionable Salwar Kameez Have a Modern Look Nowadays

Salwar Suits

Fashionable Salwar kameez suits is mostly believed that salwar kameez with dupatta is a traditional dress originating in India. Often we in India call it a whole suit i.e. the salwar and the kameez both garments combined together as an outfit. Fashionable Salwar kameez suits with dupatta is one of the most popular traditional outfits in India. Though of course salwar suits fashion, designs, trend and style has changed considerably over the years.

The modern day women fashionable exclusive salwar kameez suits with dupatta has many forms. The tunic is usually straight and flat, but there are a variety of styles, trends and Fashion.

There are lots of qualities and ranges of the salwar suits and the special thing about the salwar kameez suits outfit that salwar suits is the one of the comfortable outfit in all the outfits.

Nowadays designs are created keeping in mind the trends fabrics and colors of the season by fashion designers and shops of women fashions.


Elegant Anarkali Salwar Kameez Outfits for Ladies

Elegant Anarkali Salwar Kameez Outfits for Ladies

In view of the endless loveliness and elegant appeal of the feminine outline, Anarkali Salwar Kameez outfits have gone through different views from historic times to the present. One of such endless Indian fashion trend is of Anarkali Salwar Kameez dresses, which has made a comeback after a decade, and has become most favored apparel of fashion forwarded women in India. However, some fashion & trends are far beyond the term redefining, as their reliability has all the enhancement, which is desired by many fashion lovers. Through its persistent inventions & redefining of antique styles, fashion is really an amazing world.

This ethnic fashion style of olden times has become one of the most charming fashion statements among fashion forwarded ladies of modern era. Presently, Anarkali Salwar Kameez dresses for ladies have attained high regard across the globe, and a past of credit goes to these stunning Anarkali Salwar Kameez dresses.

Designer Anarkali salwar kameez embellished brightly are getting a lot of preference from every fashion passionate woman, not just in India, but also in many other nations.

Lehenga-Choli - The royal Festive outfit

Lehenga-Choli - The royal Festive outfit


Lehenga or Ghagra is a manifestation of skirt which is since a long time ago in India, weaved & creased. Lehengais worn as the base allotment of a Lehenga choli. It is Fitted at the high waist and freely fall from there vivaciously. In India a great deal of weaving work is carried out on a fashion Lehenga-Choliand is well recognized among the important celebrations & marriage function.

You can pick the right outfit according to your body shapes. Lehenga-Choli is famous, the customary outfits of ladies around India and Globally keeps on being ghagra-choli.

This conventional outfit is prominent uncommonly if worn amid exceptional events. Among of the normal event that lehenga where generally worn were amid Festive celebrations like Diwali, Eid, Dusshera, Navratrior it can in the wedding occasion. The motivation behind why lady loves to wear lehenga dresses is on account of it is adaptable to anyone sorts and agreeable too. The lehenga history has truly brought numerous changes particularly on the ladies dresses. Truth be told, even in these eras the dressing styles of lehenga and its standard example still exist.

Look and feel Royal - Designer Salwar Suits and Churidar Salwar Suit

Look and feel Royal - Designer Salwar Suits and Churidar Salwar Suit

Salwar Suit & Churidar Salwar Suit is the very fashionable traditional attire worn by the women Globally. Churidar Suit is called the Punjabi Suit or Salwar Kameez also. This fashionable Indian Churidar Suit Dress evolved as a comfortable & decent outfit for women in India, but is now hugely popular in all over the world. There are many reasons to wear Churidar Salwar Suit such as it is modest, great value, elegant, graceful and the bottom line is that it is comfortable. Salwar Suit gives decent yet trendy look to a teenager as well as a woman.

Designer Salwar Suit / Churidar Suit look smart for informal family gatherings or even for a marriage ceremony. The Salwar Suit is a baggy pajama kind of trouser, which has legs wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The Kameez is a long top or tunic, which often reaches up to the knees. The length of the Kameez can vary depending on the latest fashion in style. The Salwar Suit is stitched very differently. The middle portion of a Salwar is very wide and baggy, but it gradually tapers down around the ankle. Another variation in Salwar is the Churidar style which is a somewhat like a tight trouser, but with its fabric ending in various small folds around the ankles. Usually Indian women also wear a dupatta across their shoulders, over the Salwar or Churidar Kameez as a symbol of modesty.


Anarkali Style Salwar Kameez Suits

Anarkali Style Salwar Kameez Suits


Anarkali salwar Kameez suit is a kind of womens outfit which has in recent times made its way back to the Indian ethnic fashion scene.

The Anarkali salwar Kameez suit is made up of a frock style long top and features a slim fitted bottom.

The Anarkali salwar Kameez suit is an exceptionally attractive style dress outfit that is adorned by Indian women located Globally.

The Anarkali salwar Kameez suit differs in many different lengths & embroideries including floor length anarkali suit styles. Lots of women will also pick for heavier embroidered anarkali salwar suits on marriage functions & important events. Indian women dress in anarkali salwar suits on various other family occasions as well such as traditional festivals, family functions celebrations etc…