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Picture of Beige & Yellow Designer Heavy Wedding Wear Bridal Lehenga
₹ 19,000.00 (INR)
Picture of A Stunning Blue Lehenga With Sequence Work Choli
₹ 18,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Stunning Designer Pink & Beige Colored Lehenga choli
₹ 29,500.00 ₹ 17,700.00 (INR)
Picture of Maroon Heavy Designer Bridal Velvet Lehenga Choli
₹ 11,800.00 (INR)
Picture of Eye-Catching Blue & Yellow Colored Designer Silk Lehenga Choli
₹ 13,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Lovely White Colored Embroider Georgette Lehenga Choli
₹ 11,500.00 (INR)
Picture of Red Designer Bridal Wedding Wear Velvet Lehenga Choli
₹ 16,500.00 (INR)
Picture of Classy Rani Pink Colored Georgette-Chiffon Lehenga Choli
₹ 15,500.00 (INR)
Picture of Light Green Trendy Net Lehenga Choli
₹ 17,500.00 (INR)
Picture of Exceptionally Designed Gold & Red Colored Lehenga Choli
₹ 12,700.00 (INR)
Picture of Impressive Maroon color Velvet Lehenga Choli
₹ 12,300.00 (INR)
Picture of Entrancing Blue & Red Colored Embroidered Lehenga Choli
₹ 17,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Red & Yellow Designer Heavy Wedding Wear Bridal Lehenga
₹ 19,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Beautiful Blue & Mustard Colored Designer Silk Lehenga Choli
₹ 15,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Graceful Navy Blue Colored Designer Embroidered Phantom Silk Lehenga Choli
₹ 11,200.00 (INR)
Picture of Gleaming Beige & Black Colored Partywear Embroidered Net Lehenga Choli
₹ 18,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Elegant Onion Pink Color Butter Crepe lehenga Choli
₹ 14,800.00 (INR)
Picture of Artistic Red Velvet Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli
₹ 15,000.00 (INR)
Picture of Exotic Pink Colored Designer Lehenga choli
₹ 17,600.00 (INR)
Picture of Flawless Red Colored Bridal Wedding Lehenga Choli
₹ 13,600.00 (INR)
Picture of Heavy Maroon Color Wedding Wear Designer Lehenga Choli
₹ 12,300.00 (INR)
Picture of Designer Maroon Bridal Wedding Wear Velvet Lehenga Choli
₹ 16,500.00 (INR)
Picture of Amazing Sky Blue Embroidered Lehenga Choli
₹ 13,800.00 (INR)
Picture of Refreshing Olive Green Colored Silk Peplum Style Lehenga Choli
₹ 15,500.00 (INR)

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The Chaniya Choli India or gypsy skirt is the most popular choice in India for a woman’s wedding apparel. The most traditional colour for a wedding lehenga is red, but you will find an array of vividly coloured Lehenga Sarees Online. While women from Gujarat and Rajasthan region of India usually represent wearing this traditional outfit, the lehenga is also native to other parts of India. Based on which part of India one is referring to, the lehenga is worn in different styles, made of different fabrics and includes unique patterns. Our Lehengas are known for its bandhni work which is a technique in tie-dye mastered done by our talented designers. Some women prefer wearing the lehenga skirt not in a voluminous style and are worn without a chunni or chunri but with a kurti that covers the midriff, whereas some women prefer wearing a voluminous type of lehenga with a kurti or choli that covers the midriff with a long chunni. A lehenga has an “A” shaped cut with a narrow cut around the waist area to highlight the feminine elegance and profile of the woman. The circumference of the skirt increases down the length to a full flare at the bottom to give a level of richness and fullness to the skirt.

Lehenga-Choli India as a Perfect Marriage Dress. Even though many options available in the market, Lehenga Choli India has become one of the most preferred choices of the girls who will soon become brides. A elegant Lehenga gives a charming look to the bride as well as represents the Indian dressing aura. It gives the look of a princess of Mughal era to the bride, which is widely liked and appreciated by the girls of today’s generation.

It is very important to select the wedding dress that can complement the overall personality of the bride. Lehenga Choli India can be selected by considering the body structure, complexion, fashion style, trends, design and the climate. These dresses are available are available in a number of embroidery works and designs, ranging from simple to highly ornamented or intricate ones. Trends in Lahenga are influenced by Indian movies and fashion shows specifically.